Here to learn and ready to learn. Transforming professional practice, perceptions and relationships through collaborative observation: a case study in childrens nursing.

Nathalie Turville, Ilana Pressick


This paper explores the experience of participating in a HEFCE-funded project Improving learning and teaching through collaborative observation at X University. The project consisted of two specially designed observation cycles over a period of 18 months. Two students were recruited as co-researchers to observe sessions that employed contrasting teaching strategies delivered by two lecturers. The purpose of the observations was to consider how effectively these strategies were in linking theory to practice as facilitated by the lecturers. Following the observations, the lecturers and students reflected individually on the teaching and learning experience and then met as co-reflectors, sharing their insights in a supportive and constructive way. This joint learning and the implications for learning, teaching and staff-student relationships will be explored further. The observational tool has managed to break free from the constraints of performative lesson observation to redefine and reclaim it as a powerful tool for teacher and student growth.


classroom observations; collaboration;

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O’Leary, M. and Cui, V. (n.d.) Improving learning and teaching through collaborative observation. Available at: (Accessed 20 July 2018)



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