Undergraduate students as partners in academic research: The Winchester Research Apprenticeship Programme (WRAP)


  • Sabine Bohnacker-Bruce University of Winchester




Students as partners, undergraduate research programme, research-based learning, research apprentice


This case study introduces and discusses the Winchester Research Apprenticeship Programme (WRAP) in the Faculty of Business, Law and Sport at the University of Winchester. WRAP realises a student-as-researcher approach, with undergraduate students working as paid ‘research apprentices’ alongside academics on current disciplinary or pedagogic research projects. This allows students to gain first-hand experience of academic research and to develop research skills as well as transferable skills for employability. WRAP also increases staff engagement in research-informed learning and teaching and strengthens the research culture within the faculty. This paper outlines the development of the scheme over nearly a decade, describes its implementation and discusses feedback from student and staff participants.

Author Biography

Sabine Bohnacker-Bruce, University of Winchester

Department of Responsible Management and Leadership


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