Co creating by degrees exploring experiences of co design

Sue Becker, Daniel Hopps, Gill Owens, Jana Runze, Sarah Morris, Victoria Bainbridge, Mark Wylie


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Co-creation of learning and student engagement in shaping their curricula are becoming more widespread as pedagogic practice in Higher Education. The literature surrounding co-creating the learning experience has focussed primarily on the benefits for staff and students involved in terms of increased student engagement (Cook-Slather et al, 2014). The barriers to co-creation, which include perceived threats to academic as expert and role-blurring, in part derive from a lack of transparency about the strategies for embedding co-creation of learning in established learning and teaching practices (Allin, 2014). The procedure and mechanics of co-creating curricula appear obfuscated by theoretical and academic discussions about the intersection of partnership, co-creation and student engagement. The current project seeks to throw light on and explore two different approaches to co-creating the curricula on level 6 option modules run by Psychology and Business programmes.


Partnership; Co creation of learning

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