Getting the Gist (Guided Individual Study Time): Flexible learning and the co-production of knowledge: A journey from theory to implementation.

Maria T Lehane, Fran M Beaton


This article is based upon a research project that took place during an eleven week semester. The rationale for the project was to engage students in a pedagogic exploration of student involvement in the co-production of knowledge (Neary, 2016).  The methodological approach was a case study research project that set out to be participatory in nature involving stage 2 and 3 undergraduates.  


The findings were, that in this case, the learning-centred pedagogy employed Guided Individual Study Time (GIST) enabled students to become co-producers of knowledge and gain confidence (Scott, 2017).  This was achieved through the active participation of students and the lecturer reflecting on their own learning needs as individuals.  Importantly, student feedback and formal evaluation of the learning experience was very positive. In particular, the groups grade profile improved compared to their previous performance, a finding supported by Freeman et al (2014).  Freeman evidenced a statistical correlation that active learning, rather than the traditional lecture, enhanced student achievement in STEM subjects



Active and Flexible Learning, Students as Co-Producers

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