A staff/student partnership for bringing the One-Minute Paper into the digital age

Paula Sonja Karlsson, Alison Gibb, Paul Ferri


The One-Minute Paper (OMP) is a formative classroom assessment and feedback technique. It can be used by lecturers to identify instances where they have not been clear in their teaching or where the topic covered has been difficult for students to grasp, thus enabling lecturers to address the issues that need further clarity. Whilst the paper-based OMP may have fallen out of fashion in the twenty-first century digital age (being especially difficult to utilise efficiently in large classes), we believe that the OMP is an invaluable learning tool that simply needs to be transposed into a digital format. This paper outlines a staff/student partnership focused on redesigning an existing classroom response system to enable a digital One-Minute Paper (DOMP) to be administered. The DOMP is envisaged to be able to capture qualitative feedback responses from students and facilitate quick analysis of such responses.


One-Minute Paper, class feedback techniques, classroom technology, partnership

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21100/jeipc.v4i1.742


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