The Role of Growth Mindsets in Developing Pedagogical Partnership Programs: Findings from a Cross-Institutional Study

Alison Cook-Sather, Launa Gauthier, Miciah Foster


Pedagogical partnership programs are proliferating around the globe. While most stories of program development are presented as case studies because of the context-dependent nature of this work, we share findings from a survey sent to 38 institutions in nine countries, each of which supports institution-wide, over-time partnerships focused primarily on curricular design and pedagogical consultancy. We review the basic premises of growth mindsets and of pedagogical partnership and suggest that partnership work both requires and fosters growth mindsets. We present participants’ most consistently reiterated perspectives on the influence of institutional conditions on, barriers and challenges to, and dreams for pedagogical partnership programs, and we discuss how these perspectives illuminate the importance of bringing and developing growth mindsets to and through partnership at both the individual and the institutional levels.


growth mindset, pedagogical partnership

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