Call for Papers “Adapting to Change: Student-Centred Success “ Vol 8, No 1

The Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change is practice-led with deep roots in developing staff-student educational partnerships. It supports the dissemination of innovative practice to promote local- and larger- scale change and impact on institutional narratives for change.

We are looking to attract a range of submissions that respond to the title of this issue -Adapting to Change: Student-Centred Success. Volume 8, No 1 will be guest edited by Elliott Lancaster & Emily Corns (University of Keele).

In a constantly changing and uncertain world, the way educational organisations continually engage with their students and wider partners is crucial in shaping the learning experience. This journal issue will uncover how both proactive and reactive initiatives have shaped the student experience. For this issue, we welcome submissions that focus on the following areas:

  • Collaboration with the student voice
  • Fostering digital wellbeing
  • Engaging a diverse student body
  • Overcoming barriers to education: Covid19 and beyond
  • Sustainable change
  • Fostering a civic curriculum

To read more about the types of articles we accept, please visit our guidelines for authors. There are 2 stages to submission:

Stage 1. Providing a brief outline of your idea (500 words max), giving details of the work, methodology, results (unless an opinion piece or review) and literature base. Proposals should be sent by email to the guest editor: Elliott Lancaster, 

Stage 2. Following feedback from stage 1, you are invited to submit your article to the journal using the journal submission process. You will need to create an account; full details of how to do this are given on the submissions page.

If you have any questions about your submission or experience difficulties submitting, please contact Elliott Lancaster, in the first instance.