Impact of centrally coordinated higher education pre-commencement of teaching student support initiative (FedReady) on student engagement: A regional university case study

Nina Fotinatos, Ellen Sabo


This case study describes how a dual-sector regional university in Ballarat (Victoria, Australia) developed and implemented a voluntary, no-fee, student academic capability supportive initiative in 2012. The initiative required 4-6 months of planning prior to the first delivery. The FedReady 5-day initiative was purposely designed to provide both domestic and international students from all disciplines, with knowledge, skills and opportunities to apply these skills 2 weeks prior to the commencement of their teaching semester. The initiative complements existing Federation University (FedUni) student academic support initiatives targeted at supporting students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds, first in family student cohorts and those who have minimal engagement experience with higher education. The initiative is co-delivered by both staff and student academic leaders (students employed as staff) and is delivered twice a year. The initiative is comprehensively evaluated using both qualitative and quantitative methods in conjunction with faculty and service centre staff.

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